April 14th, 2007


toothless wonder

My surgery went well. I was out in less than 50 minutes (so boobirdsfly tells me) but I don't remember even getting wheeled down to blackwingedboy's car. I have a vague memory of climbing the stairs -- I remember thinking about stopping to sit down; apparently I did, but I don't remember that.

boobirdsfly got me some food, and another painkiller, and I went to bed. I got up to throw up -- all at one go -- and then went back to bed again, and slept for four hours or so. Woke up with icepack still on my head, feeling much better. D. has some nice posts and a picture about it.

A big thank you to boobirdsfly and to blackwingedboy for being my support for this. I don't even remember that blackwingedboy was there, though he must have been. Thanks bwb -- I hope I'll be able to see you tomorrow morning (scrambed eggs and juice are within my eatability range right now).

Anyway; doing much better today. Still some soreness in my lower left jaw, but I have found that I don't need the vicodin -- ibuprofen seems like enough.

today's remaining agenda: rest and relax some more. boobirdsfly is out shooting photos at a rehearsal, and out to see a play tonight too -- I'm not pushing it, so it's DVDs and -- if I still don't feel a need for the vicodin -- perhaps video games. (vicodin + videogames == frustration, though).

Love to you all. Thank you for the private and public well-wishes.

PS I have to share this great little haiku from trombo2's comment yesterday morning before the surgery (I hadn't read it til today):

Wakes at thirty-two
Goes to bed at twenty-eight
A curious fate