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Language Computeer
Fists of irony
a discussion with Advisor and labmates today made me realize I have to get a draft of one of my generals papers done by tomorrow evening, because Friday morning I go into wisdom-tooth surgery and Monday afternoon, Advisor leaves town.

My to-do list on this paper is running >30 items. yick. Every time I reread something it gets longer.

But I'm going to try to pick off some of those as I go along. I've already given boobirdsfly the heads-up -- I'm going to be working hard on this for some more time this evening and most of tomorrow.

Kinda painful, though, that when I feel like I get my life in balance enough to really get my teeth into my work (ouch, no dental-surgery pun intended) I realize how much the out-of-balance stuff has made it hard for me, and I really want to try to catch up. It's not all possible, but I really need to try to stay focused...
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