April 10th, 2007


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hi all! updating now, just to say hello.

it's been a busy weekend, and beginning of the week. Last week was Dorkbot, which I MC'ed, and had a blast, followed the very next night with Ignite Seattle, which was also a trip -- overwhelmingly over-attended, but it makes me think about submitting a talk myself -- maybe fall quarter, since I have a few things to do this summer.

Also boobirdsfly and I went to a party with some of D.'s old friends on Saturday (I spent about half the time charmed by the six-year-old, who went out of her way to ask me to be her friend); we went to see the 365 marathon yesterday, but otherwise we haven't been doing anything structured -- kinda lovely, really, to be able to spend time together and not have to be doing anything.

that's been a breakthrough for us; for different reasons, we each had a hard time with that before. On my part, I'm growing comfortable in my skin again, feeling the questions of anxiety starting to be familiar but not dominating.

Exercise is returning to a position of prominence -- I'm going back to running every day, and it seems to be helping, as does making an effort to eat more and more often.

Work progresses, though slowly. One of the lab faculty is hugely distracted by his new baby (with another faculty member) but won't let go of his scheduling responsibilities; thus he has done things like cancel a morning meeting at midnight the night before (last Friday) and schedule lab visits for important guest faculty without checking with the ostensible hosts first (Advisor and me; Advisor is leaving town for her father's memorial service and I will be having my wisdom teeth out).

That stresses me out a little -- having all 4 wisdom teeth taken out on Friday -- but I'm hoping it will be relatively painless. I'm blocking out the weekend and Monday as well; if I feel recovered I'll come in to school on Tuesday but take it easy.

I'm feeling happy, in love, and busy -- and a little behind in my work. If I could catch up a little on that, but without sacrificing the other things, that would be nice. But I won't sacrifice them for the sake of catching up. It's so good to know I have boobirdsfly as my ally, friend, and partner.

love to you all.