April 3rd, 2007


[seattle] dorkbot tomorrow!

April's Dorkbot is tomorrow, Wednesday, April 4, at 7:30pm.

Theme: Lightning Dork -- 5 minutes each from 9 art/geek dorks!

Venue: 911 Media Arts (http://911media.org/)
402 9th Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

We'll be in two "heats":

Group 1:

Joseph Gray, Painting with Video on Sculptural Surfaces (demo)
Toby Paddock, Current Events 1907 (slides)
Brady Forrest, Ignite Seattle, (slides)
Bill Beatty, Two Odd Water-Sculptural Effects (video)
Meghan Trainor, The Accelerator Group (slides)

Group 2, starting ca. 8:30

Joe Benner, Kinetic Fish on a Stick (slides)
Bre Pettis, DIY Space (slides & video)
Shelly Farnham, Desert Oracles (slides)
Michael Snyder, War Cycling (slides, show & tell)

Please join us!