March 11th, 2007


work work work

I had a great birthday dinner with a few people on Friday night (boobirdsfly, beegirl, Kirk, beckyb and blackwingedboy were in attendance). I have pictures, but -- again -- I can't post them yet; I've spent the whole weekend working on a paper.

This paper was four pages of outline when I began on Saturday morning and it now is 36 pages of cobbled-together snippets from my thesis and one of my [former] lab-mate's thesis too. There are still a few sections with just "TO DO"; none of the figures are present; all of the citations are just a word (not properly bibtex-ified); it's hard to keep the tone consistent; and I'm not even sure it tells the story clearly.

But I really want to get the thing together -- Frankenstein's monster though it is -- I want to get a draft to Advisor before she gets on the plane Monday morning. Another pass through to try to clear up the overall story won't be too hard if I can put the beast together and smooth it out after a day of rest.

I've been more focused and having more fun working on this than I have all quarter. I find myself wondering why it was so hard before? I need more deadlines to keep me motivated, but I'm afraid to ask the universe too loudly.