March 8th, 2007



reporting back quickly -- busy today!

Dorkbot last night was really, really fun. Both talks went really well, and I was so happy to watch both talks. Phil Foglio's talk was funny and engaging, and I think he's effectively sold many copies of his work.

I was happy with my own performance as MC (I wound up wearing a 1965 suit inherited from trombo2; I think it looked pretty sharp. I think perhaps i wasn't super clear about keeping our speakers -- especially our first speaker -- on time.

blackwingedboy was there. I have some pictures, and I think that eldan might also.

Hoping to put pictures up on Flickr in the next few days, but I'm in the middle of a big crunch on my paper; I just can't seem to get in gear on it.

Seattlest does a review of Retro-Dork. It gets mentioned in Metroblogging Seattle as well.