March 5th, 2007


[Seattle] Bakery Nouveau

I went down to the Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle this morning by Flexcar. boobirdsfly has a nasty cold, so she didn't come along.

I'm made present to how much I really like the small-town feel of West Seattle. I wish it wasn't so hard to get to and from -- but I can definitely see the appeal. I wonder how reliable the bus into town is?

Anyway, when I came it and told the woman working the counter that I was there to see the owner for an appointment about wedding cakes, she passed my message along and told me I didn't have to pay for my brioche (I had my money out already, actually, but she waved it away). After a few minutes, the owner William Leaman kept his appointment with me, and he's a friendly, laid-back, yet very organized guy. I love his story: he used to work for the Paris hotel in Las Vegas, but fourteen-hour days, thirteen-days-a-fortnight, with one Monday off every two weeks, was just killing him. "People ask me 'why do you have your bakery in West Seattle, of all places?'," he said. "I just tell them: 'that's where I live.'" He's apparently also the former pastry chief for Essential Baking Company, but he said "after a while we weren't really making pastries for EBC -- it was really a crazy volume for Starbucks." (I believe he said 14,000 pastries a day!) I found an article about him. He said he stopped working for EBC after they moved their main pastry baking to Georgetown -- too uncomfortable to find cop cars and people washing blood off the street in front of the bakery.

I got a good feel from him, and he's quite frank about the costs. It looks like he's willing to charge quite a bit less than several other quotes we got for the croque-en-bouche we want. So I got our wedding on his calendar, and he wants to have us both back so he can make us a little (six-inch) croque-en-bouche. His bakery alone makes me want to move to West Seattle. :)

Also, I brought some pastries home for boobirdsfly, and I am present to how much I love her and I'm glad to be planning a wedding with her. She rocks.