February 23rd, 2007

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[computers] Dell response? "we're thinking about it"

My post earlier this week about watching Dell get suggestions has generated a response from richardatdell, who has had an account since last december but has never posted an entry.

His response (I think it's fair to assume "Richard" is a he!) is pretty vague:
we are investigating many of the ideas in terms of implementation.
Hope you will check back later today or early next week as we start to respond to some of the ideas. Other suggestions will take some time before we can provide feedback as we look at the suggestions.
I don't think I'm being unfair to say that this response is pretty weak so far. Also, Dell's official response is nothing and the (somewhat strident) call to Dell to put up or shut up still stands.

[update:, 2007/02/23 3p PST: there's more on that thread from richardatdell and from me. What I'm saying here still stands.]

Dell has asked for what the public wants. If it is going to provide that: wonderful. If not: don't jerk us around.

And richardatdell: what makes me so special? Why aren't you commenting in the Ubuntu blog, where I found this story?