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Language Computeer
Fists of irony
Tara Tallan's Galaxion explains why many consultants (I'm looking at you, blackwingedboy) choose to keep their irregular job despite promises of better pay to join the empire.

(Consider this a down payment on a post I've been sitting on about webcomics.)
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Wow. An absolutely amazing rant by Kevin Church, comics blogger. Probably not that fun if you don't read comics already, but summarizes why I don't read most superhero comics.

The tagline, and the summary:
If you love superhero comics, stop supporting shitty superhero comics. If you love comics in general, start supporting better comics.

Full disclosure: I'll pick up Warren Ellis' take on superheroes, or (just maybe) Joss Whedon or Brian K. Vaughn, or Invincible or Powers.

But I'm waiting for the trade on all of them. And I'll note there that not one of these is a "main line" superhero comic -- and I would buy the main line, if any of them inspired the kind of wonder that I get from Finder, the play and fun I get from Girl Genius, the gritty Law and Order life of Kane, or even the goofy send-up of PS 238.

Kevin C. said it right: A real gateway comic is something like Persepolis or Fun Home - not a limited, continuity-heavy, crossover-packed series featuring people in spandex crying because that's what "adults" do.

ALSO, speaking of comics that are good: Fantagraphics announces their release of the Complete Pogo (and parody: the complete Cathy). Jeff Smith is editing the Pogo collection. Neat!
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