January 25th, 2007


I'm a Dork Overlord

yesterday I went to my first Dorkbot [Seattle] Overlords meeting. (I've been telling everyone that I'm now a Dork Overlord, which is. so. cool.)

Fun plans for the next few -- February's should be a pair of interesting movies, which might not be everyone's cup-of-tea, and March will probably be Retro Dork: talks from the dawn of computing and retrofits. But what I'm most excited about is April's plans: Lightning Dork, a sort of show-and-tell where we hope to have two or three "heats" of five-minute talks, separated by breaks for socialization. (Part of the fun: hard time limits, which will keep the interesting stuff peppy and the boring stuff blessedly short.)

I'm feeling much more comfortable in my life today than I have the last few; today I feel like I'm recognizing the power of being connected to my own emotions. It's a nice place to be, though it's consistently a struggle.