January 4th, 2007


Je commence le français

today I started my French class. I've never taken French, and though I could probably fake my way into 102 or maybe even 103, I decided to take 101 -- the beginner's class.

I'm psyched: the teacher just jumped in and started speaking to our whole class in (admittedly very simple) French. We got about as far as faire l'appel [calling roll] entirely in French, switched to l'Anglais for about ten minutes to discuss the grading and syllabus, and returned to French for the rest of the hour. I think about 30% of the class was shocked and dismayed, but I really enjoyed it.

Of course, it helps that I've got a native speaker calling home in my house every few days, and I've been reading Corto Maltese with a dictionary, so I feel like my vocabulary and ear are already tuned.

Off to bed!