January 2nd, 2007


[seattle] no Dorkbot 3 Jan 2007

Seattle Dork Overlord Shelly says:
We're not having the scheduled January dorkbot tomorrow because it is so close to the holidays. However we are looking into a movie night either next wednesday or the one after. We'll keep you posted.
(she also says):
In the mean time, if you have any suggestions for good presentation for February let us know! Our theme: the love in dorkbot! We have a few ideas for presentations but are also open to suggestions, anything having to do with dorkbot + love, dorkbot + erotica, dorkbot + using dorkbot art to help make the world a better place.
chillout, sexay

New Year's!

boobirdsfly and I had a blast planning, throwing, and cleaning up our New Year's Eve party. We made lots of food (I made stuffed mushrooms, and she made deviled eggs and chocolate-covered strawberries -- who knew the eggs would be more work?) and had lots available to drink.

It was a house full of cheerful, friendly people from several circles, who brought more food and drink; we now have leftover booze and strawberries even today (the second!).

After midnight, our phone rang up from the buzzer downstairs:
"hello?" I said.
"aarh, it's femumbleand bengmumble!" said somebody down there.
"Okay," I guessed, "I'll buzz you into the courtyard and come down to let you in." I did so -- and when I reached the courtyard, I saw two guys walking to the opposite side. I waved them over.

One looked familiar, but not part of boobirdsfly's theater company (as far as I knew). (Actually, he looked like Napoleon Dynamite). "Are you part of [theater company]?" I asked.
"Yeah!" said guy #2.
I thought for a few paces as we walked into the building. "What's the name of the director of that theater again?"
"Uh," said Guy #1.
"Gregory Rabemumble," said Guy #2, quickly.*
We climbed one more flight of stairs. "Okay," I said to them, turning to face down the stairs at them. "Are you guys crashing the party here?"
"Uh," said Guy #1. He looked at Guy #2.
"... Yeah," said Guy #2.
"... Yeah," said Guy #1.
"Look, would you mind just crashing some other party instead?"
"... Okay."
They turned, and walked back down the stairs.
"Nice work," said Richard, back when I'd rejoined the party and explained what happened. "You bounced them before they even got in here."

...Only I'm still a little teensy bit afraid that I threw out somebody who was really looking for us.

(* The right answer to my little CSI-style trick question would have begun with "John", so a Bayesian hack would have worked, had they been less drunk and more statistically inclined.)