October 30th, 2006

study, words, language

for those considering a life in academia

McSweeney's has discovered (Doctor) "Indiana" Jones' career prospects. via yendi: thanks!

beckyb, queenofhalves, localcharacter, and anthrochica, thinking of you in your tenure/career efforts...

And in other random sequences of words: I think spammers are starting to use slot-filling with statistics. I just received a spam that read:

A buzzard around another prime minister

A mitochondrial scythe When a parking lot beyond the defendant reads a magazine, a grand piano over the roller coaster sweeps the floor. A diskette carelessly plans an escape from a pit viper beyond a stovepipe a hole puncher. When a tattered bowling ball is revered, a dreamlike mating ritual buys an expensive gift for the gratifying hydrogen atom. When an alleged mating ritual is Eurasian, the hairy cashier goes deep sea fishing with a razor blade defined by the class action suit.

That last clause is pretty post-singularity rad, really.