October 16th, 2006


letter to city council

thanks to link from blackwingedboy

Subject: Tell the SFD to abandon pointless security theater
From: [trochee]
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 23:39:16 -0700
To: nick.licata@seattle.gov
CC: "SFD Fire Chief (via)" <debbie.brooks@seattle.gov>

Mr. Licata:

Please use your role as City Councilperson overseeing Public Safety to resolve the silliness of the Fire Department trying to obfuscate data that they themselves are publishing.



Since the SFD believes that this information is worth publishing, it shouldn't make it intentionally difficult to deal with. A competent computer professional could cope with this level of obfuscation, but it makes it difficult for (say) a blind user to deal with.

Please do not encourage this brand of security theater. It makes no one safer, and it attacks ordinary fair-use citizens under the false flag of fighting terrorism, while doing absolutely nothing in the way of making us safer. Tell the SFD to return to publishing the information in a non-obfuscated format.