September 20th, 2006


(no subject)

Last night we saw The Illusionist. Meh. Ed Norton wasn't all that impressive, and Paul Giamatti did really well -- I felt like the movie was really about him -- but wasn't given very much to work with. The romance was very textbook and not very exciting. And the twist wasn't "oh, I should have seen it" but more of an "oh, well, okay, if you want to play continuity games like Chris Claremont". Meh.

This morning was wet and rainy, but I went running anyway. I came back, and was talking with D. over coffee, and we looked out the window and saw what I think was a prairie falcon Falco mexicanus sitting on the balcony of the apartment building across the alley. (I wanted it to be a peregrine, and the habitat matches better, but it was definitely a brown bird, and it had white markings on head and legs. Hmm. Maybe an immature peregrine.) I like raptors.

saw [MG] again today and feeling good about what I am learning and practicing there.

not doing so well with getting actual work done, but it is slow and possibly making headway.

I have a good life!