September 1st, 2006



I thought I was eligible to apply for an NSF grant, but it looks like I should have done it two years ago. :( Readers beginning grad school or who have just begun grad school take note.

I am starting Arabic class (with a lovely set of spiffy dictionaries and right-to-left books) at the end of the month. The same week, I am taking a beginner's tennis class at the community college.

Running every day, no excuses -- this has been very very good for my mental health. When I said "many times a week" I was making all sorts of excuses for not doing it. But now I do it for at least 15 minutes every single day -- the last week, it's been before coffee or anything -- and it's meant huge improvements in my attitude and general feeling of connectedness to myself.

I've been putting off a particular project at work for about a week. Somehow, when I came back to it today, I discovered that it had already been done (?) in February (according to CVS logs) by me and a co-worker (?). I feel like I am in Memento, because I have no memory of making all this software. Unfortunately, I cannot test it because I do not have the correct file permissions, and my co-worker is about to go on vacation.

Tonight I am going out to dinner and to see a movie with boobirdsfly. This is good. She is very busy in the evenings, these days, with all the theater she's involved in. It makes me happy to see her so engaged.