July 26th, 2006

tools, brains, computers

[seattle] Dorkbot August 2006 "The Programmable Web"

yay! to quote from the announcement:

Greetings, Dorks! On WEDNESDAY, August 2nd at 7:30 PM at CoCA, you will learn all about how the new web mashup world is being used for innovative, exciting dorkbot art! John Musser, who founded ProgrammableWeb.com, will provide on overview of creative and interesting uses of mashups. Then you will be shown several examples of projects including a mobile scavenger hunt game by Jordan Schwartz that integrates flickr, UPOC, and Virtual Earth, a life map by Danyel Fisher with MapCruncher, and Michael Worabec's "Seek and See" combining speech recognition with Google image search. We'll end with Maggie Trainer's RFID/audio database interactive "16 Horsepower", which aims to help the audience understand and imagine the coming "Internet of Things" and other elements of emerging ubiquitous computing. See below for more info about our fabulous presentations.

Who's in?