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Language Computeer
Fists of irony
in the spirit of embracing my own perfectly peculiar pleasures:

Linguist Jokes (4) had me giggling.

And I want doors like this everywhere I go. (via Boing Boing).

ETA: Lorenzian waterwheels, via a tip from dorkbotsea-blabber. And Laser fretboards for theremins, via Clever CS. (The Dorkbot guys should have seen this before building a laser harp!) Also Seattle power tools races (this July! as advertised: "stupid fun!")
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Crawlspace Gallery (on Capitol Hill) is hosting an exhibition that includes the UW-EE Self-Organizing Systems Lab (this guy? this group, anyway.)

From the Crawlspace description:
GROWN ACCUSTOMED, considering the development of behavioral and psychological familiarity through seven new works in video. Utilizing the medium as a convention for preserving and repeating information consistently, these video works explore behavioral and cultural adaptation and the development of social intimacy.

Cat Clifford, Anne Mathern, and the University of Washington's Self-Organizing Systems Lab demonstrate the learning process of climbing a tree, the act of saying the word "no," and the socialization of robots, respectively.

New York-based Rachel Rampleman explores desire, expectation, her relationship to her sister, and our relationship to a "society of the spectacle" in "Poison (My Sister Fucked Bret Michaels)." Tony Weathers' "Dinosaur Days" plods through a backcountry motocross as commentary on cultural leisure, repetitive non-action, and the expectation to maintain the familiar.

Tony Weathers and Chicago-based Scott Kildall remove culturally recognizable information from its original context, Weathers translating his artist statement via International Aviation code and Kildall disassociating classic film footage from plot.

Since the geeky stuff is the stuff that really grabs me, I did some more snooping: The EE SOSL describes their own work:

The demonstrations take a while and watching them is a bit like watching grass grow, but then again, grass growing is pretty cool if you think about it.

via the Seattle Dorkbot "blabber" mailing list
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