April 26th, 2006


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Notes today, ordered from most personal to most geeky:
  • I am visiting a therapist [DH] this afternoon tomorrow afternoon (he cancelled for an emergency) for the first time. This is an initial (mutual) interview to see if we work with each other.
  • boobirdsfly leaves for NYC tomorrow. Her elbow looks much better today (I helped her change the bandages this morning).
  • Thanks to boobirdsfly, I have started using Google Calendar. It is what I wanted a calendar to be. Google rather disturbingly keeps doing the Thing I Want perhaps a few months after I've decided I Really Need It (decent mail program, RSS reader, now calendar).
  • I am reading more Iain M. Banks: Consider Phlebas. Actually, I think that Banks' "Culture" was probably founded from Google. Both:
    • keep giving their citizens and contacts Things They Want
    • are apparently semi-democratic
    • are heavily technophilic
    • are firmly rooted in the belief that their organization itself is a Good Thing
    • seem to want nothing but loyalty in return
    • may have an unsettling blackops "Special Circumstances" division.
  • I just discovered gtkpod and I am very very impressed. I went from no knowledge to a downloaded, installed, working iPod setup on Ubuntu in about an hour, including the research. Next tasks -- podcast catching (gpodder? anybody have other Ubuntu suggestions for podcast catching?), and get the gtkpod to synchronize with my Google Calendar. Mwahaha.