March 28th, 2006

love, together

belated catchup

for those who do not already read boobirdsfly's journal, I want to point you to pictures of our trip to the far west edge of the Olympic range, to the tiny town of La Push, Washington.

Here's a view of La Push from space; we stayed on that beach right in the middle.

It was absolutely gorgeous the first full day we were there -- overcast at first but the sun came out under the clouds for an unbelievable sunset.

The later time was grayer and rainy, but the call of the surf was too strong and we went out to the gray sandy beaches and braved the wind and occasional rain to take pictures of driftwood and ourselves.

Love to you all. I need more time like that. So, so, so beautiful. *bounces* I already wanna go back.

note: boobirdsfly is the master photographer here -- doesn't she have a keen eye?