March 23rd, 2006

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8:00p: you'd think I don't want this fellowship, it's so hard for me to get words on the page to apply for it.


9:45p: continues to bonk head against outline. Outline now 700 words. Need a sense of how to begin conclusion, then can start to write fill in the remaining bullet points with prose.

10:15p: okay, got a conclusion paragraph, cannibalized from rambling in intro. Total now 820 words. many bullet points still in skeleton. argh, it's like pulling teeth.

10:50p: now over 1000 words, and I've not finished filling out the skeleton. argh. need to write it all and then cut cut cut.

but I have a phrase I like:
"Weblog-based communities, however, need not be bound by [geographic] constraints: a student of contemporary theater in Flint may contact a playwright in Seattle as easily as Ann Arbor." I'm going to try to keep that one if I can fit it in.

11:45p: okay, now it looks basically in shape. another pass over it tomorrow to cut stuff out and I'll be okay. It's fine right now except for the references, which make it too long. and it's probably full of stupid gaffes so I really need to read it over.

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