March 7th, 2006


geek squee

blackwingedboy snuck me a birthday present: Mythbusters Season One.

I cannot express quite how excited I got about this.

No, really. I don't exactly know why I am so entertained by this show except that who could possibly not be entertained by professional debunkers who get a kick out of blowing stuff up?

One of the stars describes it as "Jackass meets Mr. Science", and that's probably why I watch the show and fantasize about dropping grad school to join the build team.

Seriously. [frozen] chicken gun, Rocket car, can a fat person really get stuck in an airplane toilet seat?

I am so excited to watch these that I really have to leave them wrapped until the quarter's papers are finished.

birthday followup whee!

boobirdsfly points out that I never revealed what the surprise yesterday actually was. I got home at 6:30 (lapartera and trombo2 called when I was on the bus!) and met boobirdsfly at home, who was dressed up supercute. I was instructed to change clothes to go somewhere nice (out of character for me, really). D took some pictures of me ("you clean up good") and we swept into the Blackwingedmobile, which lurked outside. Thanks to boobirdsfly and the dashing driver, we found ourselves at Bizzarro in a matter of minutes.[1]

Bizzarro is a lovely little restaurant. They've embraced the name: it is decorated with Barbie-doll heads and old electric signs that read "Hot" and collage paintings and about eight million electric chandeliers, any one of which would be tacky as all get out. But the combined effect goes round the tacky bend back into really neat.

After a few minutes, we [me, boobirdsfly and blackwingedboy] were joined by beegirl, and then mythalethe and his brother omeyotl too. We ordered food [2] and I broke my semi-Lent and drank wine with them too. caracola arrived as well after her class down the street, and I felt loved and happy surrounded by loyal friends. Just before they brought out the desserts[3], beckyb called to say hello on the phone -- I'm sorry you couldn't be there with us, B, but we left you a chair open. "For Elijah," said beegirl -- "or for beckyb," said boobirdsfly.

After we'd all eaten, and the restaurant was empty, and the staff was sitting at the next table eating their own dinner with the lights up full bright, we finally took the hint and moved to stand outside instead. After some negotiation, boobirdsfly and I got a ride home from beegirl (the BW shuttle apparently doesn't make runs when parked in Wallingford late at night), and on the way home beegirl slipped me two cool books: a collection of Rumi poems and a play by Harold Pinter[4] -- she describes him as "a linguist's playwright" so I think that sounds like a natural for me (thanks beegirl!).

Thank you so much, all of you, for being there (even those of you who were there from out of state!). It was lovely and low-key and loud and funny and touching all at the same time. Thank you for being there and laughing at my jokes[5] and telling your own and sharing in it. And a double-helping of thanks for boobirdsfly who organized the whole thing without telling me a word! I love you, boobirdsfly. You're good to me.

[1] traveling to Wallingford: A few blocks away, I realized that nobody has created the pun "Alice in Wallingford" -- I just checked Google, which is why I am putting it onIine now to stake my claim.
[2] ordered food: yum -- I had the fig and cheese bruschetta and it was really yummy, and then a salad and a fennel-root ravioli in vodka marinara sauce.
[3] dessert: Bizzarro serves a "chocolate vesuvius" that should have a warning label: it's like eating a mocha with chocolate No-Doz sprinkles.
[4] Harold Pinter: The play was Betrayal. beegirl told me she almost got me Death to go with it, but decided that getting "Death" and "Betrayal" as presents for her best friend's boy just wasn't auspicious. I have to agree -- but I think poems by Rumi are sufficiently mitigating. Thanks again beegirl!
[5] jokes: for those of you who came to dinner and heard my best story ever: This SF fan thinks that Asperger's is the future of humanity.
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