March 6th, 2006

amused, smiling

birthday surprises

I came to school today and got a mystery email from the EE front desk saying "perishable package for you, please come down to pick it up."

I first thought that perhaps it was a mis-addressed package for the MD with my name who works at the university hospital -- if someone looked up our shared name in the directory, they find both of us and they mighta sent it to me.

then I remembered it was is my birthday (hm, complicated tense question there), and thought "who would send me a package at EE?" I suspected beckyb, who knows how to reach me there, at first, and I considered Advisor (though it is somewhat out of character, sadly). But when I got down to the desk, it was a flower vase from boobirdsfly! yay for sweet surprises.

Earlier this week I received a box of homemade candied orange peels from lapartera and a Damariscotta River Association T-shirt from trombo2. boobirdsfly, blackwingedboy, and I ate a bunch of them (the orange peels, not the T-shirt -- dang co-reference heuristics tripped up again) while watching the Oscar nominations.

And tonight, a mystery. or something. I am told to get home by 6. So I think I'd better get some work done...

love to you all.