January 25th, 2006

amused, smiling


I feel like I hit the wall and just came through it and I've hit my second wind. I was feeling overwhelmed yesterday morning and have too much to do.

So today I spent some time jettisoning a few non-critical tasks for a few days. And I stopped trying to make a buck off the furniture I'm unloading -- I'm just trying to make sure it's friends or at least pre-existing contacts who get it.

My work has been very busy -- I've got four projects running, and I've had to ignore three of them for the last few weeks. That still has made me feel like I was not making progress because this stack was so high.

But today, I'm through the wall -- I feel like Things Will Happen. Yay! Off to pack my apartment some more. Tomorrow, I'll wait for the phone guy at the new place, and code, and put together Swedish flatpack furniture. If all goes well, I'll see my sweetie and go to school.

I've still got some important packing to do, but most of it's done. Off home to do a little more!