January 22nd, 2006


[link] more on videogames, politics, subversion

Apropos of my post earlier this week regarding the opportunities for moral reflection in videogames: WorldChanging's Regine DeBatty posts a summary of subversive videogames -- they subvert both the politics and form of videogames.
The main public for these games is neither teenagers nor kids, but adults. Moreover, the rules of these games are not the ones you would encounter in a commercial games: the aim is not to attract as many game addicts during as much time as possible; to captivate with an aesthetics as realist as possible or with the most original design; to attain as much identification to the hero as possible; to be the most competitive on the market; to satisfy the ego of the teenager that still lurks in each of us by killing what moves on the screen... the aim is not to win. The aim is to subvert and parody preconceived ethics and aesthetics; to generate reflection.
Worth a read.
love, together

The IKEA walkthrough

In honor of the five-hour home-decorating marathon gauntlet of Swedish flatpack furniture that boobirdsfly and I went through yesterday (with coaching and support from blackwingedboy), I am posting a link to the IKEA walkthrough. (update: it's a lot more violent than I remember.)

I must say, we did extremely well. And considering what we bought -- paying for delivery (tomorrow) was extremely wise. So great, that somebody else is going to take it all up the stairs.