December 21st, 2004


eggcorns, mondegreens, and re-analyses

Eggcorn sighting: "Lo for I shall reign down on them with great wrath and furious anger." A rather-modified version of something inspired by blackwingedboy.

Mondegreen sighting: "In the winter we can build a snowman, until the alligators knock him down". Thanks to beckyb for spotting this; I just found it elsewhere on Snopes, so it's a known mondegreen.

Also an interesting mis-analysis, spotted by JM in the department: "throw me the algene bottle!", presumably from an algene bottle, on analogy with the etymology of apron, which the OED says "In Eng., initial n has been lost by corruption of a napron to an apron." I love that the OED calls this "corruption".
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