December 20th, 2004


"relaxed"; also a syntactically legal but very long sentence

Well, last night I finished the work for the quarter, and I had a beer and watched the boob tube alone for the whole evening. It's a strange feeling of pushing through a wall and suddenly having it give way and then I'm just trying to keep my balance while the thing falls away from me.
Collapse ) Okay, that was difficult and I keep running out of breath reading through it.
At the phone call with the Fairly Famous East Coast University, we worked out what we'll be working on for the conference paper we're trying to do together. Then I got to hang out with WM, a lab-mate and a fellow linguist, and we discussed social network theory, which seems to be based on the rather self-evident premise that a social group is not defined by "lower-class" or "educated" or "pink-collar" or any other dividing category, but defined by the network of people that make it up. While that seems like an obvious thing, it makes me think about Livejournal, and I wonder what can be done there: we have linguistic information combined with an explicit mapping of relationships...
I had a chance to hang out briefly with beckyb by dragging myself to her office and sitting down so she would talk to me. I walked with her over to return more library books and then discussed future directions for my phonetics research.
I wrapped up the day with a trip to Zanadu Comics, and came away with quite the haul, perhaps deserving a separate entry.
I came home and made simple dinner (rice and beans) and am catching up on LJ.
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New comics

New comics I got today:
  • A new Ocean (Warren Ellis hard sci-fi!)
  • Girl Genius (Phil and Kaja Foglio steampunk!),
  • Lucifer (hmm... Mike Carey's story I'm not sure about but I'm hanging on),
  • BPRD: The Dead (Mike Mignola's Lovecraftian horror),
  • the latest Powers trade
  • an insane piece called Shaolin Cowboy by Geof Darrow, who is (I believe) the storyboard guy for Hard Boiled and a conceptual artist for The Matrix. The Wachowski Brothers are listed as "shadowy figures behind the scenes".
W00t. I'm looking forward to reading these.

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An amazing post by slit about parenting and the effect of being a "stereotypical" parent or how to have kids while retaining your own interests. Reminded me of the group of parents I had brunch with yesterday; they seem to be doing a nice job of maintaining their own lives and interests while having kids. There's hope to do those things together.