November 26th, 2004



Had a lovely thanksgiving that ended up simple: cooking with thevorak and exterra most of the day, eating with them and their mother and blackwingedboy, and then joined later by boobirdsfly. It was lovely and relaxed and nobody was monitoring or hovering. There are pictures (thanks exterra!) some quite lovely. I'll put them up later I think.

Like chr0me_kitten et al., I don't buy the Pilgrim-Indian nonsense about Thanksgiving. But I do honor the holiday as a chance to be grateful to be with family, and although none of the people at my table last night were blood kin, I felt like I was with family anyway. (I'm most sorry that I wasn't able to also have the other parts of my family here too!). I thought of many of you last night, and I hope your Thanksgiving (if you had one) was as much fun as mine.
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