November 23rd, 2004


newsy update

Wow, I'm posting a lot -- I guess I've been saving up.
I wrote the following to _dkg_ who was asking me what my plans were for the upcoming American holiday:
thanksgiving here is going to be four days of work, broken on Thursday by two thanksgivings (I've been invited to another, but two is enough). I'll be having T-day with A--- and K-- and W--- and J--- (A&K's mom) and possibly D---n; D---y -- my new squeeze -- will join us later, and D---y and I may go to ---'s house (J---''s dad) later on to socialize with the R--- family (all three generations) and some other activisty folks.
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I'll be spending the weekend writing a phonetics paper -- actually, doing the advance coding to get the results for a phonetics paper -- and trying to flesh out an outline for my morphology seminar (heh, I just mistyped "seminary") into a full paper on finite-state computational approaches to Arabic morphology (well, and a new approach I came up with).