October 25th, 2004


Monday? where'd that come from?

wagh. What a whirlwind of a weekend.

Spent Friday with A., hoping to help her feel better. Things are looking in the right direction; I spent Saturday morning at home reading and and banging out a couple of LJ posts.

Saturday night I went to a benefit with A and K (a family outing!) at the International District Community Center (and ran into JS there); performing were the Blue Scholars (who are awesome - listen to their KEXP show) and Tina Kim (funny, but not spectactular). The event was very poorly publicized and unfortunately they got about 30-50 people in a giant basketball gym, with crappy fluorescent lighting (ick), half the room empty (ick ick) and no turntables for DJ Sabzi (ick ick ick!). But I got a chance to buy a Blues Scholars CD; these guys are good. They're Seattle local, and they're turning out Quannum-level [beware, high-flash link] stuff. Good music.

After the event, I went to meet boobirdsfly after her show, and we went to the Rendezvous for a birthday party of somebody related to her theater company. I usually hate Belltown on the weekends, and the Rendezvous main floor was full of the usual meat market-and-drugs hipster crowd, but (I had no idea!) there's a secret little speakeasy private room underneath, and the party happening down there was this group of actors doing a silly, wild talent show in a low-key environment. Fun. D. and I had a long talk that night about what we (she and I) are doing; it was good to keep things clear about what we're doing. I really like her.

Sunday morning I got D. off to her show (again!) and came home to catch up a little, but went back to see D. again after her show. We made it up to an apartmental co-op (back to Belltown) to visit with some friends in a new apartment there. A nice cohort of my activist media friends showed up, too, and D. and I went out with MR to explore the neighborhood bars in our neighborhood (now that she's moved into my neighborhood, and D's) and scored big time with the Twilight Exit, which was quiet and pleasant on a Sunday night, and the barbecue wagon outside, with its clownish chef Q ("cue"?), was fun for M and D too, and I was even more pleased that the two of them liked each other. I haven't seen M for months, and I've never seen her so happy. I pimped Livejournal to her, and I'm hoping she'll become a user.

Whew. Then I realized this morning that N. and I hadn't fixed our lab proposal for phonetics, so I raced into school to meet up with her and we blew through a revision in less than 45 minutes, just in time to print it out and hand it in during class. Today's to-do list: write final-project proposal for phonetics, write final-project proposal for computational morphology, and try to get research sorted. (I know I still owe responses to chachachana -- an ancient interview meme -- and anthrochica -- an email response).
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