October 23rd, 2004


dreams, plans

last night I had a bizarre bad dream, wherein I was living in a co-op apartment building, and somehow felt it to be okay to go and ransack all the apartments around my own. I was sure I wouldn't be caught, and I felt the glee of a kid on Halloween -- just look at all this stuff! -- and I turned everybody's apartments upside down. But I did get caught, and I kept struggling up out of the dream to disbelieve it -- but I wasn't quite far enough out, and the dream would regain control and throw evidence at me -- yes, you did this. And I was full of guilt and the knowledge that I had irretrievably broken the trust of the people I was living with, and it was my fault, and I really couldn't make it better.

Looks like late December and early January will be pretty busy. trombo2 and lapartera would like me to come to the 404 (Atlanta) for a week, and it looks like there may be interesting LJ anthropology people there because of some recent drama with the AAA around the same time. So I have two good reasons to make my trip there be from (say) the 18th to the 26th or so.

Then I will be going to the Bay Area from the 5th to (maybe) the 11th of January (6-9 will be the LSA meeting, and then maybe I'll meet evan at google, since he and M. and D. (are they LJers?) invited me again yesterday at the poster session to come down and talk. (Would it be good to give a tech talk to y'all there?) And while I am building in a day for Google, I also hope to build in a day or two (or an evening) to see my friends in the Bay too).