October 15th, 2004

sharp, arrow, angry

oh god, not the shakespeare again

Some people just lose their minds. It's a sad thing when it happens after tenure.

we have this one guy in our department who's decided to devote his research to "who is Shakespeare" -- but not as a linguist, though he's in the Linguistics Department. He's the speaker at today's (mandatory) colloquium. (longtime readers of this journal may remember last year's entries on this subject.).

He's such a bad researcher, and he's a truly irritating presenter:
  1. he's dirty-minded, and not in a particularly healthy or entertaining way. He read the "may I lie in your lap" bit from Hamlet, but with eyebrow wiggling.
  2. he's not doing a fair piece of research -- he presents all the positive evidence, and none of the negative.
  3. he's repetitive -- this year's talk is very similar to last year's talk.
  4. he's fond of low rhetorical blows "now, if you'll just open your minds, instead of just thinking what the orthodox scholars have programmed you to think, you'll see that [the assertion I make without evidence] is true." And when a tiny piece of evidence actually seems to be supported by other (I might say "real") scholars, he says "Look! even the orthodox scholars agree!"
But I rant, and I repeat myself. I can't stand this guy, and poor caracola had to introduce him.