October 3rd, 2004

amused, smiling

Freedom kissing, or kissing French [girls]

After a nice day gardening in the P-patch and flying kites in Gasworks Park with thevorak yesterday, I got to meet boobirdsfly in real life last night: we met up at a local club and tucked ourselves in a corner with drinks. We have compatible conversational styles; I'm a hyper-verbal goofball, and she's comfortable interrupting me when I'm on a tear.

This is all to the good, except I think we irritated the waitress by not ordering enough drinks: we were, um, mutually distracted and weren't drinking enough to suit the waitress' preferences. I learned something more about growing up in Brittany, and boobirdsfly pointed out some parallels between the way I think about language and the way she thinks about acting. And we made [mostly gentle] fun of goths going to the club next door. We were so distracted by yacking away at each other -- and by, um, the title of this entry -- that we ended up staying there until last call, at which point we wandered our way out and I walked her home. Which wasn't very far away, but took us quite a while to get there. There are a lot of people on the street in Capitol Hill at two in the morning: it was difficult to find quiet, secluded spots (*blush*).

I didn't even realize how late it was; I was so buzzed by the physical contact and chemistry that I was perfectly alert and awake -- until she went inside. On my walk home, I realized just how dark and cold it really was -- and how late.

Today is another beautiful and sunny day. Time to get out and try to wake up a little.

LJ woes

why is it that my own post from noon-ish isn't turning up on my own friends page?

[UPDATE: posting this post seems to have jiggled the database appropriately so that it coughed loose the old post. Hmm... I wonder what LJ is doing to their server architecture that's causing all this grief.]
[UPDATE redux: nope, now it's gone again. and so is this post... *sigh*]
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