September 12th, 2004


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I spent today doing pleasant nothings, partly involving a lot of reading of the interweb and not getting much done. Which was fine.

But things started to hot up around 4:00; K. called to work out how she was getting home, but A had the car, but A. was unreachable, and a wild series of phone tag ensued and the upshot was K had to come home on the bus (not too serious a consequence, if you ask me).
However, in the middle of all this, nextdoor-neighbor K (not housemate K) has captured the backyard stray black cat (whom we had provisionally dubbed "Sir", mostly by accident since I had used it repeatedly as a term of address). He is sick and getting sicker, and neighbor-K claims that he has begun foaming at the mouth. She calls animal control, and points out the buzzing bees that keep trying to land on the wet spots on his fur. "Sir" is a very sick cat. He's mangy, and emaciated, and pathetic. I'm fairly sure he'll be put to sleep quite quickly -- he'd be very difficult to adopt. But Neighbor-K is having a big party tonight, and she doesn't want him hanging around.

I suffer guilt for letting her take him away, but I do. A and K and A's new boy S and I have to rush off to go to hear Cornel West talk. I've been oversubscribed for tonight -- I'm invited to the CW talk, to an engineering going-away party, and to a linguistics welcome-the-new-academic-year party. I choose to go to the West talk, and I'm glad. He's a good speaker; perhaps tomorrow I'll be feeling up to transcribing some of his thoughts -- I took notes, but I'm too wiped out to deal with them now.

After the CW show, I meet up with old friends here in the city J & S, and we go over together to an old friend T, who's having a 40th birthday party at his house. Their house parties are always great -- they involve booze, participatory live music, commies, pinkos, dogs, backyard firepits, live music around the firepit -- often with dissonance from the indoor live music, and lots of good food, which is usually advertised as "nothing special". Actually, these parties remind me somewhat of my parents' parties, and the community reminds me of my parents' community; I'm glad I decided to go to this party rather than the linguistics or engineering parties.

I got to see old friends MR and BM, who -- despite being good friends last time I saw them -- are apparently not on speaking terms and avoided each other the entire time, as well as the celebrants T & J. I'm looking forward to MR's plans to move into my neighborhood. I also got to meet S's friend C, who is a former intern at the amazing Yes! magazine and bravely came to a party in which she knew no one (and is also smart and snarky, both positives in my book), and spent a good 45 minutes debating the relevance of Shakespeare in highschool education with a 50-something fellow named George. Fun stuff.

I had I think half a beer too many, and I'm feeling dizzy and very tired. It's very late at night. After T&J's party, J&S gave me (and C) a ride home, dropping off C across town first and then me. Neighbor-K's houseparty is still going on, and there's a very-loud-laugher type who just won't stop. So I'm here writing journal entries, and should really go to bed and hope that their party quiets down ASAP.
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[geekery/LJ-drama] RSS feed housecleaning

My friends page got to the point where I'm reading far too many posts to see what's really happening with the real people on my friends lists. I just had too many other feeds chipping in small comments every few minutes; by the time an interesting discussion got started on somebody's journal, they'd often scrolled off the bottom of my friends page.

So I downloaded Liferea, a Linux Feed Reader, and installed all the feeds for all those high-volume, fun things that were clogging up my view of the real people on livejournal: BoingBoing, and a bunch of lingua-bloggers (so many that I need extra words here) and several of the communities that I read and almost never post to (though I retained membership in those communities). And I took them all off my friends list, as well as some other pruning of said list. So now my friends page really looks -- well, like a list of my friends on LJ.

And for those few of you on my friends' list who don't keep a livejournal but do keep a blog elsewhere (e.g., esk and psychicle), I've added your blogs to my feedreader. If anybody else has an external blog I should track too (hint, hint, _dkg_), please let me know.

And now I have some sense of organization for my various feeds, too. And -- final bonus round for those of you who've read this far -- Liferea stores the feeds offline, so I can read the fulltext feeds, at least, on the bus!
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