September 9th, 2004


Memories: Responses to irritating right-wing rhetoric

Back in the day, I too was once an undergrad. It happened to many of us grad students. As such, we had much more free time. This is a story from those happy days, and I am reminded of it because of a thread started over in moroveus journal (during a much more serious discussion).

I was leaving the dining hall one evening back in 1995 and found the following poster:
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(I'm really not doing justice to the original formatting. If you can believe it, it was worse than this -- it changed fonts every few paragraphs, for example.) As if that wasn't self-damning enough ("see your thoughts in statements?" "so certain you are right"?), it was plastered -- sometimes three deep -- all over campus. I tore one off an overloaded bulletin board and -- feeling irresistibly compelled, and in a stroke of mayhem, sat down in the college computer lab and banged out the following:
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Heh. I made 150 copies and put them up on campus near the other posters. We never heard from the Precept again -- but I can't really take responsibility for that. Self-important swellheads can sink their own boats without any sabotage from nerdy lefties like me.

Those were the days, eh?
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