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Language Computeer
Fists of irony
I watched American Splendor with K last night on a DVD, and I was struck by the similarity between Harvey's comics ([brag] which I read before they were cool, thanks to _dkg_'s good eye [/brag]) and the idea of a personal, public journal.

Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff is the movie's motto. I can't imagine what Harvey would have done if he and R. Crumb had had the web -- but it's fun to try.
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Inspired by queenofhalves, I am going to try to include a reading diary. Many of these posts may be "read another ten pages of novel X while on the bus" but I hope to have some more useful/interesting commentary.

Today's inaugural reading diary entry, I've decided to include images for fun; if you don't like them, don't click through the cuts.

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