August 20th, 2004


What I should be doing

I spent this fine summer evening with caracola and three of her friends, bowling and watching the Olympics on TV. We're the freekin' Norman Rockwell bowling league of Seattle: a couple of future professor/researchers, a doctor and a librarian.

This bowling trip was enough to inspire me to dig my old bowling shoes out and still get whipped. Ah well, practice makes perfect. But it's another reminder that there are many important things going on in my life that need repeating -- visiting with friends and other nice people is one.

I have to be at work too early tomorrow, so I must go to bed, but I will note here future topics I should really pursue:
  • The Berlin and Kay papers on color naming
  • The "ask me anything" post, as a target of perhaps more personal stuff
  • Concerns about my family and the RNC