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Language Computeer
Fists of irony
A recent eggcorn sighting in an email:
as we move forward to streaming (obstensively our second channel). [ital. mine]
I think this writer meant ostensibly, but was influenced by "intensively" and "obstinate".

[Update: I just noticed that wabi is reading languagelog as well; he follows up with a post on misheard lyrics. Fun.]

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Last night exterra and I saw Napoleon Dynamite last night.

This movie is great. Anyone who's been awkward in high school -- is there anyone who wasn't? -- will love this. It has all the creepy accuracy about being an adolescent from Welcome to the Dollhouse, but with less of the morbidity. Napoleon is the geek I wish I'd been.
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Some of you may know that my childhood fantasy of becoming a librarian has returned. Now I think I'd be a different kind of librarian -- I just liked books as a kid, now I think access to information is political, interesting, and complicated as heck in the new Digital Age. Besides, all the cool kids are in library school.

Of course, I'm currently working on a degree in linguistics, but that doesn't mean I'm done with school, or not able to maintain a possible future option of working as a librarian.

I want to read Anarchist in the Library; it keeps getting mentioned by copyfight and Cory Doctorow at boingboing_net.

Current Mood: bookish

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