July 2nd, 2004


Why I'd like to participate in feminist discussion

I was talking to a friend who is applying to join a faculty discussion group for Feminist Issues. I read a first draft and thought about what the strengths she had were going into such a discussion.

What I wrote up may -- or not -- reflect good reasons for her to be a part of that group, but with a very minor modification they make up reasons why I would want to participate in such a group:Collapse )I don't really have an answer to this, or a place to have this discussion, but I'm interested in these questions. I am particularly interested in ways that men can help to be anti-sexist. The best advice I think I've ever heard was "support women" -- it's too easy for men to look for ways to solve problems, when recognizing the problem-solving nature in the women around me, especially when it's not being respected by other men, is a better strategy in both short and long term.
It's easy to preach; somewhat harder to practice.