May 31st, 2004


Ad wary

A friend in the Linguistics department dropped a warning e-note to the department grads email list:
I always thought my Norton Internet Security software protected my system thoroughly. Collapse )
And I responded, to the department:
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lyrics post -- forgive me

Johnny Cash is a genius. We lost a great man when he died. Unfortunately, all these lyrics apply just as well to Iraq...
Singin' in Vietnam Talkin' Blues
Written by John R Cash.
(© Song of Cash Music/Bughouse.)
From "A Man In Black", © 1971, Columbia Records.
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Well now that's about all that there is to tell,
About that little trip into livin' hell.
And if I ever go back over there any more,
I hope there's none of our boys there for me to sing for;
I hope that war is over with,
And they all come back home,
To stay.

In peace.