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Language Computeer
Fists of irony
A friend in the Linguistics department dropped a warning e-note to the department grads email list:
I always thought my Norton Internet Security software protected my system thoroughly. My system kept getting worse and worse...Collapse )
And I responded, to the department:
Security, viruses, adware, and the perils of monocultureCollapse )

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Johnny Cash is a genius. We lost a great man when he died. Unfortunately, all these lyrics apply just as well to Iraq...
Singin' in Vietnam Talkin' Blues
Written by John R Cash.
(© Song of Cash Music/Bughouse.)
From "A Man In Black", © 1971, Columbia Records.
So we went to the hospital ward by day,
And every night we were singin' away.
Then the shells and the bombs was goin' again.
And the helicopters brought in the wounded men.
Night after night; day after day.
Comin' and a goin'.Collapse )

Well now that's about all that there is to tell,
About that little trip into livin' hell.
And if I ever go back over there any more,
I hope there's none of our boys there for me to sing for;
I hope that war is over with,
And they all come back home,
To stay.

In peace.
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