May 1st, 2004


HLT premeeting

I'm in Boston for the weekend (until Wednesday, actually). I presented my results to the metadata-extraction group today, and they were very excited about my results -- they basically indicate that their project is worthwhile and needs funding, which is of course what engineering labs want to hear.

If I had known that this weekend would be the NWLC I would have stayed in Seattle for today and gone to my first linguistics conference and my first computational linguistics conference in the same meeting (and skipped this pre-meeting with the metadata people). Instead, I'm here for the weekend. With a little luck, I my be able to meet up with my cool cousin who's still in Boston.

I miss A., but she is out of town this weekend as well, so she's probably not missing me back much.

Anybody have suggestions for something to do in Boston in the afternoon on Sunday? I already know about the science museum, and that's very tempting. I'm interested in other choices -- but I may do the boring student thing and stay in and do work.