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Language Computeer
Fists of irony
ivan_durak recently posted California Leg. Kung Fu, e.g.

Flying Filibuster Technique

Today, divalea pointed to what appears to be a whole page of these: Donald Rumsfeld Kung Fu, e.g.:

Twin Cobra Fist

The computational linguistics geeks among my readers will be amused that the Donald Rumsfeld parody page's Ads by Google include Street Self Defense and Martial Arts Supplies.

Apparently, Google's ad-selection algorithms are no match for Fists of Irony technique.
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okay, I should really subscribe to lj_nifty -- in browsing through it, I found this cool six degrees tool.

I can just put in random names that ought to be in livejournal space and find their connection:
trochee > caric > fumanchaw > fuzzikitten > curlicue

Even though I have no idea who curlicue is.
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