March 27th, 2004


gardening and planning

A. and I spent two or three hours today digging over our little (10'x5') patch of garden in the local P-Patch. We added organic fertilizer and compost, and I did a bunch of weeding.

I find that I am much less interested in planning a garden than I am in finding things to do with my hands, so I was happy to do the digging and to weed out dandelions from our own (and neighbors') patches.

I wonder if my feeling on avoiding planning has to do with doing enough planning every day as a student and researcher. Right now, it feels like all my programming and 90% of science is careful planning: what experiments will I do, in what order, when will I find time to write them up, and how will I fit in homework and classes, not to mention cooking dinner for/with A? With all that on the plate, planning is crucial and I find planning a garden to be a burden rather than a pleasant activity.

I really don't mind the digging or weeding, or planting the seeds, but the planning --browsing the seed selections in the garden store, deciding what the right fertilizer is, etcetera -- is fun for A but not for me. It makes me into something of a wet blanket, I'm afraid.