March 21st, 2004


Eben Moglen at Harvard

My brother points out the following:
this speech is a little bit long, but you read fast. and the issues are weighing on my mind these days. Moglen thinks well, and has some good insights. i thought you might be interested.

Groklaw transcripts

Moglen is full of useful thoughts on copyright, free software, SCO, and the future of copyright and patent:

Musicians got paid by people who heard music, because they had a personal relationship to musicians. This is what you mean by going on tour or the Grateful Dead or anybody who uses the non-zero marginal cost of the theatre seat as a way of getting back, just as people merchandise as a way of getting back.

Think for a moment about the coffee house folk musician, the singer/songwriter. The simplest case in a way of the transformation of the music business. Here are people who are currently on tour 40, 45, 50 weeks a year. What happens is, they go to places and they perform and at the back, CDs are on sale, but people don't buy those CDs as a kind of, you know, I would otherwise be stealing the music; they buy it the way they buy goods at a farmers market or a crafts fair, because of their personal relationship to the artist.


creepy celebrity survey

[yanked from improbable_blog]
This site is an apparently legitimate attempt by the University of Leicester to do some studies of attitudes towards celebrity.

I get creeped out by the questions, though, which incorporate about 50 [sic: 50] questions like this:

4. If my favourite celebrity ignored me, then I would not be angry.
5. I would lie and cheat in order to meet my favourite celebrity.
9. I don't like my celebrity's romantic partner.
10. My favourite celebrity could never be described as a notorious flirt.
11. It has been suggested that I seek help regarding my feelings towards my favourite celebrity.
18. I have never sent presents to my favourite celebrity.
19. I yearn to be my favourite celebrity.
37. I often find myself crying about my favourite celebrity because my feelings for him/her are so intense.
38. My favourite celebrity and I are not secretly married.
39. I wish my favourite celebrity was dead.