March 6th, 2004


Going non stop

I've been going non-stop more or less since midterms.

Things going on now:

My birthday -- today I am twenty-nine.

A. is out of town; a death in the family. I was unable to go with her to the funeral, since I have too much work to afford the time.

I got a check from my evil former employers, who still owe me four figures, but no longer owe me five. Just barely.

My paper to HLT/NAACL was accepted; I will be going to Boston in May! Whee -- this is good news, since it also means that the linguistics department can see that my work means something.

I'm working my tuxus off at the final project for my engineering class -- text classification by machine learning -- and I'm learning about a whole bunch of useful toolkits.Today, the toolkit of choice is SVM_light.