February 17th, 2004


Seeking partial bilinguals

My friend dreamlogic is seeking to interview people who are in partially-bilingual families, i.e. if H is the homeland language and N is the new-country language, then parents speak H and partial N, and kids speak N and partial H.

I had college roommates who fit this description, and I think I have lab colleagues who do as well. I bet that among my language geek friends there are more contacts available.

semicolon holding open the door to queer marriage in SF

San Francisco Superior Court Judge James Warren has refused to grant legal action halting the SF wedding rebellion, keeping it alive one more day.

Hallelujah, and let the weddings continue, I say. But he's halting it on the grounds of bad punctuation.

I am happy with the result --another day of rebellion -- but this seems weak and petty. He's now opened what was previously an issue of rights under the law to endless sniping and caviling from the right -- Ann Coulter will never shut up about this -- and I wish he could have had a better reason than a misplaced semicolon (!) to leave the City Hall open to queer couples.

But when in prescriptivist legal Rome, do as the Romans -- but be sure to keep your margins greater than one inch, double-space, Times New Roman or Courier, no more than 400 words to the page, etc, etc, etc...

and check your punctuation!
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