December 17th, 2003


Rosetta Stone for the next great crisis

(crossposted from alphabet_soup):

I have just discovered a very cool project: The Rosetta Project. It is an attempt to create an analog repository with millions of lines of text on a hand-sized disk.

Think of this as a tool for rebooting dead languages after a major system crash, much like the Rosetta Stone did for hieroglyphics. (Wikipedia has more about them, including calling them the "Linux of Linguistics").

An image of the Disk itself is below (you can find more images here). Imagine you're a Neo-Flint-Age ruins-dweller, reading just enough English to decide whether the canned food you find in the wreckage is edible, and you come across this:

A full-on image of the Disk itself (out of the spherical case) is below the cut: (you can find more images here).
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Wouldn't this inspire you to start thinking about how to read the rest of the disk?