November 22nd, 2003


Priscilla loves the powersupply

Our cranky kitty has decided that in the cold weather she will sleep on the power-wart for my laptop -- it's usually sitting on a blanket on the sofa, and she can curl up around it. It gets quite warm: 110V * 1.5A is 165 Watts.

Smart kitty, to know so much math.
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essays for sale

So I was looking up "effects of bilingualism" on Google, because I was talking to a friend about the (positive) effects of bilingual education on children, and the very top link on Google was on a buy-an-essay site here (only 129.35!).

These people may not be evil, but it's definitely moral bankruptcy. They include (on the FAQ page) the following caveat:
Our reports are intented [sic] to be used solely as research aids. They cannot be resold or reproduced in any form. Our company is designed to assist students in writing their own research papers by affording them the opportunity to examine the work of professional writers who have researched similar topics. In this way we believe students can write their own research papers with a better understanding of the material under examination. It is our belief that our research reports can be a valuable resource, in addition to the traditional resources employed by students.
But the rest of their marketspeak does not match this approach:
Need to finish your term paper right away? Our on-file database contains over 70,000 prewritten reports...all of which were written by our professional writing staff. These papers are available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD and AUTO-EMAIL.
.I wonder how the universities fight this kind of "service". (How will I, when I'm teaching?)