November 8th, 2003


Windows XP surprisingly difficult to install

I was installing Win XP for exterra at work, and it's surprisingly difficult to install. We ran into a problem with cached memory on, and came up with a bluescreen before anything actually happened. The error message was fairly opaque -- I know more than a little about hardware, now that I've installed both Debian and RedHat, and I still had to think about it quite a bit.

I'm surprised they don't distribute a "advanced tips" in the back of the software box, that at least includes a basic troubleshooting guide ("try turning off cached memory via the BIOS" would have been a useful tip).

Then it took two hours to format and it's still running the install. I left and went home.

Here I was thinking that the big advantage of Windows was that you don't have to be an expert hardware hacker to install it on a Saturday night.
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