October 23rd, 2003

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perl outrage

non-geeks, avert thine eyes.

I just had to rant somewhere about a very bad paragraph of perl:

opendir (DIR, $dir) || die "cannot open $dir\n";
while ($_ = readdir(DIR))
    if(/^foo/){;}       #OK

   if(/^bar/){next;}   # skip bar data
   print STDERR "$_ ";
   `csh -c "cat $dir/$_/* | $pipethrough >> $dir/temporary"`;
`csh -c "cat  $dir/temporary | anonymize > $output"`;
print STDERR "\nDone\n";
`rm $dir/temporary`;
# more code here...

Augh. I'll rewrite this when I have time.

Bonus question: How many processes are started by the following?

`csh -c "cat  $dir/temporary | anonymize > $output"`;

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International Rock Paper Scissors Championship


I quote:
October 3rd, 2003
All players note: "Legion of the White Fist" of Toronto, Canada has requested a team name change to "Legion of the Red Fist". Please update your strategies accordingly. [emphasis added]

Not only this, but there's an NGO.

Here I thought it was pretty well-demonstrated that the best strategy is to be as random as possible.
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